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A free-lance writer Monique Munroe giving fictional, descriptive and creative writing workshops to all enthusiastic people in Poole. Her workshops and charity magazine PCVS News are supported by Borough of Poole.
Monique Munroe a French-named English writer started writing at the age of thirteen. Her first short stories published in The Guardian.
“One day I saw a big announcement in The Guardian. They were looking for short story writers. I kept on sending my short stories until they accepted me” said Ms Munroe and continued “I also wrote for teenage magazines like Blue Jean and short stories for teen girls. I interviewed with teenagers about their problems and published their achievement stories in the magazine. ”
Two years ago she started to run the workshops under the name of `1st Writes`. “1st Writes became a brand for me” said Ms Munroe. The activity which is supported by Borough of Poole is open to people from all age groups with different backgrounds. There is an eight-week course `How To Write Short Stories` is currently run by her and also `Dynamic Description Workshop` is starting on 25th October. She answered the question about age range of attendees and said “There is one young guy and the rest is mostly in their 40s. Some of them are really talented with amazing imagination.”
She is also the editor of PCVS News charity magazine which is published seasonally since 1999. She told about charity activities and continued “There are seven different art projects in volunteer centre of Poole. And creative writing courses for people with mental disabilities.” She pointed the importance of those activities for mentally disabled people to be involved in life.
Ms Munroe recommended young people who are interested in writing to carry on writing and reading books as many as possible.

By Kubra Yelkenci

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