24 Kasım 2008 Pazartesi

New Artwork for Corfe House

Bournemouth University Corfe House students are invited to a meeting tomorrow to decide on a new art work around both entrances with commissioned two local artists.

By Kubra YelkenciUNITE have commissioned two artists to produce an interactive lighting artwork around both entrances to Corfe House accommodating 380 students. Shirleyann Plumridge the hospitality manager explained the aim of artwork:

“Basically when UNITE applied for the planning permission to build Corfe House here, the council said `that`s fine` but part of the planning concept was that we would have to commission a local artist to produce some public art for the entrances of the Corfe House.”

She continued that Corfe House students should be involved in decision of what the commission should be. Last year, students decided on building an `interactive light feature` for the entrances.

The artists Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer are specialized in light commissions. They are married couple from Poole. They are going to bring some examples of their previous work and get some feedbacks from the students. They want to find out what is like to live in Corfe House and what is it feel like being away from home to build an artwork suitable to the concept of Corfe House.

The artwork will not be a sculpture, it is going to be an interactive light work. “So for example every time doors open someone goes in and out something will happen, we don`t know what that is. So that`s basically we want the student`s involvement in what it is.” said Ms Plumridge.

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